Aside from leaving the MadeBrave® ladies a little hot under the collar, our photo-shoot with Commonwealth Games hopeful Kieran Malone has left us with a couple of questions about the man, the sport and of course, the Commonwealth Games. We’ve been catching up with Kieran to pick his brains and discover a bit more about his journey so far and what’s yet to come.

So Kieran, how long have you been wrestling for and, more over – how did you get into it?

“I got into the sport about 15 years ago. When I was a kid I had a bit too much energy so my mum tried to wear me out at the local sports centre. I’m from Cumbernauld, which is 1 of the only 3 places in Scotland with a wrestling club – just as well really, as it turns out I was pretty good at it”

And it seems your energy and determination has followed you into adulthood… What have you achieved so far through your wrestling?

“I’ve been multiple time British Champion, Scottish Champion, have represented Britain in the European Championship and won at the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2008.”

Seems only right then that you’re working towards Commonwealth success here in Glasgow. What would competing at the 2014 Games mean to you?

“It would mean everything, having a nation behind me, here on home soil. Already the hype behind Glasgow 2014 has been massive, and it’s gonna be a great opportunity for the sport of wrestling to get better recognition in Scotland.”

Kieran Malone

And if all goes well, here’s hoping your success will put the spotlight on Scotland too! So what’s stopping you from making the team?

“I’m pretty much 95% taking part in the games. Every fighter needs to get through 3 tournaments and reach a certain standard to come out on top and make the team. I’ve just got one in June and one in July left to go and am feeling pretty confident.”

So how can MadeBrave followers get behind you and keep up to date with your progress?

“Get onto facebook and Twitter, like my pages, follow me and keep checking out my website. As a countdown to the games, I’ll be posting all sorts of stuff on my pages; written and video blogs, venues I’m at, what training I’m up to, diet & nutrition, photos, etc.”

Photos you say? Oh yeah, actually, we’ve got some here… Looking good already …

MadeBrave are proud to be behind Kieran every step of the way. We’re currently busy putting the final touches onto his new webpage where you can follow his daily updates as the countdown to the Games begins…

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