Full Rebrand and Digital Project
Brand Creation

One brand, two websites and everything from animation to event creative, we unlock the new Key.

The Story

Key is a UK-based umbrella payroll company for contractors and recruiters – meaning, if you’re a contactor, or you’re a company looking for a contractor, they’re the ones to call.

As leaders in their industry, Key were looking to create an exciting brand and develop on-going support and resources to help their customers understand the ins and outs of contracting. This meant breaking it down into easy to read content to help support customers, and in-turn establish customer engagement and loyalty.

To support this, we designed and developed a new brand, two new websites (one for Key, one for their service, Key Portfolio) and an educational animation that broke down exactly what they do in the world of contracting.

The Results
people joined in first 4 months of site launch.
more time spent on the homepage than previous site.
more visitors in the first 4 months of site launch.
returning visitors compared to 41% in same period last year.
A “wireframe” view of the Key logo

Brand Creation

One of Key’s biggest objectives was to explore who they are and how they should present themselves, so we worked hand in hand with their team to develop the new Key brand. As part of this, we developed a new brand mark, product brand marks, full visual style and messaging to reflect their friendly, positive and aspirational values.

The brand was applied across multiple platforms, from illustration style, to internal comms, animation and their websites.

Key Portfolio logo
Colours used in the Key Portfolio brand, alongside an example of the brand font — Dosis


One of Key’s main objectives was to showcase what they do in a way that was simple and engaging. Using the illustrative style we designed for Key, we created an animation that explained the ins and outs of their payroll and contracting service, Key Portfolio. This involved everything from storyboarding and scriptwriting to illustration, sound effects, voice overs, animation and editing (phew!)

Illustration of a puzzled woman, looking at contracting-related terms

Key Website

Key has two target audiences – contractors and contract recruiters. The main Key website was developed to not only appeal to both of these audiences, but achieve very different objectives for each: Contractors are driven to the Key Portfolio website (see below) and contract recruiters are given more information on how they can use Key’s services for their candidates. This is where users can find out everything they need to know about Key, who they are and what they offer.

Illustration of a family. The baby is circled by the Key Portfolio brand mark

Key Portfolio Website

Key Portfolio is the part of Key that helps contractors with everything from payrolls and tax codes to maternity leave and contracting advice. Because of the nature of their business, everything Key operate in is driven by compliance and legislation – so while this was a big part of the design, it also had to feel friendly and approachable (Key are more about building a community than being too corporate).

The innovative part of this project was the way in which the support centre was executed from not only a design point of view, but also the animations that were built into the HTML. Through this, we were able to create something that was engaging, creative and completely different from Key’s competitors – making it unique in its own right.

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