Full Rebrand and Digital Project
Brand Creation

Ring ring! It’s the new KURA brand and website calling. Lend an ear and find out how it all came about.

The Story

Kura is a contact centre based in Glasgow with a client roster including some of the biggest brands in the world. With new management, the team wanted to reinvigorate the business with a new brand and website that would give them a new start, a new direction and give them a chance to build something that reflected who they are.

We worked hand in hand with their leadership team over multiple workshops to get as much information as possible from every department on what they saw for the brand going forward. For KURA, their key focus is to help people to be the best they can be, so the brand had to be friendly, engaging and not too corporate in order to attract great people and great clients.

Kura logo

Brand Creation

We looked at everything from illustration style and icons to the colour palette, brand mark and even as far down as a photography treatment, so we could build a really cohesive and consistent brand that they could use on all their comms materials. In a market of corporate blue, the KURA brand is vibrant, fresh and engaging.

Examples of the Kura brand font: Brandon Grotesque
A chart showing Kura’s brand fonts
Examples of icons using in the Kura branding
Examples of icons using in the Kura branding

Responsive Website

KURA has two key audiences – people who they want to work there and of course, their clients. Our challenge was to create a fully responsive website that not only reflected the new brand, but also appealed to these two, very different audiences. The site design focuses on pulling out the highlights of what makes KURA unique – including a ticker with information on how many hours they spend investing in their staff, a recruitment process map and a wide range of case studies, with flourishes of animation and colour to make for an engaging user experience.

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