Our Andrew went to speak at Eaglesham Primary and we set them a little challenge – let’s see who won!

We always believe that there’s creativity in everyone, but it’s especially the case when it comes to a bunch of Primary Twos.

This week, we went along to Eaglesham Primary to meet everyone in Class 2.1 for a chat about art, design and creativity. So, with their crayons, pencils and felt-tips at the ready, we set them a challenge to do the following:

  • Colour in the MadeBrave logo
  • Write a sentence and make one word look like what it means (so if you say the word big, make it look BIG!)
  • Draw a picture that matches your sentence

There were so many amazing pictures to choose from and we had the hard task of choosing three winners, but someone’s got to do it. So, (drum roll please) the winners are…

Josie, with her super speedy skates.


Darcy’s b-e-a-utiful fireworks (look at those colours!)

And Joel’s dog, who must’ve spotted a frisbee somewhere to run off so fast!

We almost needed a microscope to see this tiny bug! Great drawing Caleb!


Well done to everyone in Class 2.1 for your amazing drawings – we were blown away by all the creative whipper snappers and well done to our winners!