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When we were little we were really good at colouring in. And here we are today – still colouring in and making a living from it! Well that’s what our Grannies think we do, they don’t really understand that we’re busy creatives. Until we show them a TV ad we created or pass a billboard we designed that is- then they realise there’s a lot more to it.



Branding cements the relationship between business and buyer – so it’s pretty important. As MadeBravers/self-confessed branding geeks, we help new and existing brands improve, grow and engage. We go way past the realms of ‘logo design’ and explore a brand’s visual style, personality and tone-of-voice.


Digital Design & Development

We remember the days (well some of us, maybe not the young MadeBravers among us) when ‘digital’ sounded kind of futuristic, like Marty McFly had come into our lives. Not now though, because we spend more time using digital channels than we do sleeping (or is that just us?) We’re here to help with everything from website design and development to digital campaigns and strategy.


Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

There’s never a dull moment when we’re building a campaign for a client. We’ve previously graffitied an international company’s shipping container (don’t worry, they knew), bounced on trampolines and gone on bumpy plane rides to Campbeltown. From brand launches to advertising campaigns – we’ve done the lot and loved every minute.


Video and Animation

Give your brand a boost with a cheeky wee video. We don’t even care if it supposedly killed the radio star (innocent until proven guilty and all that), videos make fan-bloomin-tastic marketing and advertising content. From how-to’s to videos announcing your news, we produce videos for TV, websites, social media and events.


Photography and High-end Retouching

Enhance your materials with some B-E-A-Utiful photography. From head shots to product shots, we can take care of the full bhoona, dealing with art direction, photography and image retouching for your brand. Our photography will help give your brand a consistent, recognisable look.


Social Media

Our Social Media services are brought to you by MadeSocial, our in-house social media team. We’re big advocates of the liking, sharing and hashtagging communities, so much so that we have a thumb and finger personal trainer to keep us in shape. We can manage pages, give you creative ideas, or train teams during our social media workshops.

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