Branding from above


Bird.i makes relevant, up-to-date and detailed images from the sky accessible to businesses and consumers. They curate the best of the world’s satellite, airborne and drone imagery to create an up-to-date view of our world that everyone can explore, anytime.

We created a visual style by extruding their brand name and looking at it from above. We then revolved it through a full 360° to create a series of crescents. This allowed us to create an ever changing identity that can be adapted and personalised.

  • 3 step diagram of how the bird i symbol is created

Extruding the Symbol

As part of the visual style we have created a mark by extruding the logo and viewing from the top. This is then revolved through 360° to create a series of crescents and circles which reflect the nature of the business. The centre of the series will always be the 2 crescents of the logo. Custom versions of this can be created by using different words. This can add a personal touch for events and business cards for example.

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