We be-having a whisky by the sea

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A world renowned whisky distillery, based on the equally as famous island of Islay, we were asked to create a website to reflect the rare character of the Bunnanabhain brand.

As a result of a visit to the distillery, the sea ended up being a continuing theme throughout. From a design perspective, the power and nature of the sea can be seen with the distressed look of the website — a move away from the traditional clean lines seen on other whisky websites. From a copy point of view, the sea and its flavours and tastes can be seen across a number of pages and descriptions.


The brand essence of Bunnanabhain is ‘captivating journey’, and this is in the brand manifesto with the line ‘discover the sound of Islay’.  We used this as the inspiration for the website copy:

Stand for just a moment and your senses will fill; smell the scent of salt on the wind, hear our Porteus mill grinding the barley, look upon the shimmering light playing across the sea, feel the history in warehouse number 9 — taste Bunnahabhain.

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