Join Our Hallowed Order

To celebrate the limited re-release of their Ketchup flavour, Doritos decided to throw their hat in the streaming ring with the launch of Ketchup+, a streaming service For The Bold™.

Bursting with lovable characters and the captivating genres you’d expect to find on any other streaming service (timeless love stories, culinary cook-offs, and animated psychedelic rock ballads) Ketchup+ was to be a streaming service catering solely to Doritos Ketchup aficionados. In other words, Ketchup+ is Netflix for tortilla chips, only better.

Doritos Ketchup Doing a Backflip Over Nacho Cheese
Doritos Talking
Doritos Chip Dodging a Tongue
Doritos Snack-Squatch

The Film

Not to be left in the nacho cheese dust, we pitched an idea for the story of a lone chip that joins a hallowed order rooted in both secrecy and tradition. Working with BBDO Toronto, we then created the script, visual style, animatic, character design and modelling, and a title sequence. In an effort to bring our protagonist to life exactly as we imagined him, (basically Brooklyn 99’s Jake Peralta as a Doritos Chip) we commissioned L.A.-based comedian Zach Zucker to voice the role.

The result was a four-minute CG animated short and accompanying trailer, smock-full of mystery, intrigue and action.

Come see the film here.

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