Ima-GIN-ing the perfect experience


When Eden Mill wanted to reinvent a basement space and turn it from an empty shell into an attraction, they turned to us for help.

For some time Eden Mill had a basement unit in the prestigious Macdonald Rusacks Hotel, which had been used as a shop. However, due to it’s location (away from the main street and facing directly onto the famous St. Andrews links golf course) it struggled to really attract heavy footfall.

It was felt an experience day would turn the location into a premium destination, generate bespoke footfall, create a buzz about brand Eden Mill and generate content that they could then use to promote their products and lifestyle.

We were engaged to create the concept, including designing the room, naming it and then creating any other resulting branded assets.

Because the customer can really taste, test, explore different gins and ingredients, and then concoct a gin to their own taste palette, and after visiting the space, it was pretty obvious to us what we could turn it into — an Eden Mill apothecary!

Giant test tubes, beakers and flasks were all used to give it a ‘gin lab’ feel, as well as including subtle hints to the aesthetic elements found in their distillery to ensure there was brand consistency throughout. Functional items like laptops and pay stations were weaved in among some of these amazing tools and props.

The Finishing Touches

After initially designing visual ideas for the concept, this was agreed and progressed by working in conjunction with the building contractor and sourcing items to furnish the room to create a fully immersive experience for customers. To add a little something extra, we used signwriter extraordinaire Ciaran Glöbel to hand paint logos and slogans on the windows.

Couple this with the work done to create branded materials and as you can see, the gin blending experience really works!

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