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The first sustainable, community-owned distillery had reached a point where they needed a rebrand. In 2016, the first share offer in GlenWyvis Distillery Limited raised a total of £2.6 million from some 2,200 investors. Now, having built and finished the distillery, production had started on their own whisky and gin. This wonderful brand project allowed us to create a brand for the gin — including naming, copy, design and sourcing of bottle, label and cork — and also, develop a brand identity for GlenWyvis Distillery, culminating in the launch of a new website. Launched to much fanfare from communities near and far, this brand project has allowed GlenWyvis to capitalise on their unique background and make their mark in an ultra competitive market.

  • The Brand

    After conducting a brand foundations workshop with the GlenWyvis team, we created a brand purpose, vision, values, personality and tone of voice for them. This then influenced the creation of the brand guidelines. With this as a solid base, we started the naming process. We wanted something to reflect the unique community owned aspect of the distillery and reflect the social aspect that binds some many people together when having a cheeky wee drink. We believe we struck gold with the name!

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