A cool way to save

When we won the competitive tender process for FirstBus, we did so on the back of creative campaign ideas for ‘Kids go free’ and a new bus launch. Once we won it, we had to deliver it. And boy, did we.

For the Kids go free campaign, we were tasked with creating a Scotland wide ‘Kids Go Free’ promotion encouraging parents to use the bus over the summer holidays as a means to access local events/activities in a cost-effective way.

The campaign, when the brief was boiled down, needed to communicate the key benefit — that by saving money on fares for kids, families were essentially getting more for their money so they could go and do more. It was this benefit that we used to inspire both the copy and visuals. And what is synonymous with summer holidays and children? Ice creams. But to really reinforce the message of getting more for your money, the ice creams had to be something special…

  • 1.8M

    Total number of impressions

  • 486k

    Total number of people reached

  • 63k

    Total number of engagements

  • Four giant ice lollies on coloured backgrounds
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