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Pedal for Scotland challenges budding riders and bicycle aficionados alike to embark on the epic ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh. It’s already Scotland’s biggest bike event. But the team behind it wanted it to be even BIGGER

We set the wheels in motion (sorry!), creating a new branding and illustrative style that would work across all of its platforms. Then we brought all of these new branding elements together in a shiny new website, specifically designed to drive people to sign up.

We also helped create a new set of challenges to widen the event’s appeal. Our creative brains came up with a long list of action-inspiring names, though we eventually settled on the ‘Classic Challenge’ ‘Big Belter’ and ‘The Wee Jaunt’.

  • Scotland’s Biggest Bike Event.

Evolution, Not Revolution

It’s hard to believe when you see the turnout today, but Pedal for Scotland hasn’t always been such a celebrated event (just 425 riders completed the first one!). Making it happen at all relied on generous sponsorship. And this was reflected in the logo.

Things had moved on a bit since then, but making the event the star of the show was still well overdue. So we helped to evolve the brand mark, making sure that event alumni would still recognise it as the event they knew and loved, but that a whole new audience would also see an event to get excited about, and get involved.

A challenge with our name on it

Our time working with Pedal for Scotland had quite an impact on us here at MadeBrave. We ended up getting so into the event that we decided to put our money where our mouth is. And so the MadeBrave Team Challenge was born.

As chief sponsors of the competition, it would’ve been rude of us not to give it a go ourselves, right? So that’s exactly what we did.

Hashtags vs. hamstrings

While we cycled hearts out on the team challenge, our Twitter followers had the chance to ‘race’ us. On Yer Bike encouraged our online audience to power a digital bike by tweeting #MadeBraveChallenge. Their aim: to complete the online route before we reached the real-life finish line.

By the end of the event, #MadeBraveChallenge had appeared in Twitter timelines 995,000 times.

Now that’s what we call a win.

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