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Keeping life on an even keel is a constant challenge and yet the one thing that can help do this, is often the thing neglected the most: Our health. Phlo is a ‘digital pharmacy’, a new term coined to sum up a technology and logistics system created to let medicinal healthcare flow around the user.

Ordering and receiving prescription medicine is simple through the Phlo app. One click to reorder repeat prescriptions and it gets delivered to any specified address.

From start to finish, we took Phlo on a branding journey. We worked together to define their name, market-positioning, brand personality, tone of voice, values, purpose and marketing messaging. All of this set the foundations for moving forward with the design of the brand mark, full visual style, photography treatment and animation, before summing everything up in a extensive brand guidelines.

The logo takes inspiration from the fluency given back to life through the use of the app, combined with a recognisable pharmaceutical mark. This visual thread was used to inform the rest of the brand visual style and was paired with a palette which fitted the industry, in tones which were a little different from the norm. All of this was underlined with brand guidelines to allow the message and direction of Phlo to always be aligned.

Our Purpose

To use digital technology to empower people to take control over their health by giving them timely access to the medication and information they need, when they need it.

We want to take this opportunity to thank MadeBrave who worked with us to create our striking Organised Health brand and have continued with us to help create the brand for our first digital health offering, Phlo, to market.

The Team at Organised Health
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