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Ever seen Scotland by canal boat? Hop on board and take a journey through the Scottish Canals website.

Scottish Canals plays a huge part in boosting the Scottish tourism industry – conserving canals throughout the country as part of the country’s heritage, and transforming them to play a vital role in Scotland today. The canals themselves are historically significant, having played an important role in the industrial revolution. They have been designated as Scheduled Ancient Monuments, and many of their associated buildings are listed.

Underneath the banner, ‘Safeguarding our heritage. Building our future’, this explains how Scottish Canals hope to create a brighter future for the people who live, work and do business along the canals. By helping to create stronger communities, attracting new customers and income and working with empowered and motivated people, Scottish Canals hopes to stimulate business growth, job creation and income generation in order to benefit local communities as well as safeguard the assets for generations to come.

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  • 20%

    Increase in canal visitors in the first month

  • 89%

    Increase in ticket sales

  • 21%

    Increase in year over year unique page views

Project Objectives

Scottish Canals approached MadeBrave to design and develop a new, fully-responsive website that would articulate the wide range of activities available across the Scottish Canal network, increase online sales of Falkirk Wheel boat trips & Scottish Canals products and make it easy for visitors to book tickets online through an integrated e-commerce platform.

Project Strategy

The innovation for this project was largely driven by the clear call to actions, bespoke animations and designs that visually represented each activity at Scottish Canals. Letting the end user know that there was an activity out there for everyone was the first port of call, followed by displaying the information through visually engaging content to then encourage ticket sales through the e-commerce platform.


To showcase the heritage behind Scottish Canals, we built interactive, mobile-responsive timelines for each of the individual canals featured on the website. Featuring historic photographs and documents, the end result tells the story of each canal through a visually-engaging, interactive experience for the user.

The Falkirk Wheel

The main focus was on the Falkirk Wheel website, which needed to be redesigned to accommodate users buying tickets online. With a huge focus on creating an excellent online customer experience, we built a brochure/e-commerce hybrid with clear calls to action and an interactive user journey designed to push users to purchase Falkirk Wheel tickets online.


On top of encouraging ticket sales and featuring the individual canals, Scottish Canals were keen to showcase the work that they do and how it affects Scotland as a whole. With this in mind, we built a space on the website where they could display their vision and values, advertise new opportunities and introduce the faces behind Scottish Canals.

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