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How we trained Distell’s global network of in-house brand ambassadors to create content like whisky influencers.

With a global portfolio that spans across borders and markets, Distell produces and markets a diverse portfolio of nearly 100 award-winning alcoholic brands from across the world, including Savanna, Bunnahabhain, Deanston, Tobermory, and many more.

We were lucky to be appointed as digital brand partners of Distell, collaborating with the team in Scotland across several brands in the whisky and cider categories, to engage audiences and bring the brands to life.

Photo of Social Media Training session at Deanston distillery for Distell's In-House Brand Ambassadors

The Brief

Each year, Distell International invite their new brand ambassadors to Scotland from across the world to enjoy a program of brand immersion, distillery visits, talks, and training. As part of this, we hosted two annual social media training workshops for the ambassadors, with a focus on key brands within their malts category—Tobermory, Bunnahabhain, and Deanston.

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Live Content Creation

The aim of the sessions was to inform, engage, and inspire Distell’s brand ambassadors. With varying levels of knowledge and interest in social media across a number of different disciplines, the workshops were designed to provide each ambassador with a broad, insightful, and easy-to-execute overview of social media with a clear plan to take forward in each region—plus some fun challenges and exercises to get them excited.

We used the locations of the two workshops, Deanston Distillery and Glasgow’s historic Grand Central Hotel, as a set for creating photo and video content.

Social Media Training Workshop

We invested time up-front in understanding the skillset and challenges of the brand ambassadors to in order to establish a bespoke workshop that would resonate with them and answer the brief set by the Distell malts brand team.

Within both workshops, we were on hand to give the ambassadors creative one-on-one support to arm them with actionable skills that would allow them to create a variety of social media content in their day-to-day jobs.

Content Creation Strategy

The brand ambassador content creation strategy gathered all of the learnings from both workshops and new content-submission processes that we built with the Distell marketing team. We deep-dived into the brand personalities, tone of voice, and audience personas of each of the malt brands, and developed content themes that informed the types of content the ambassadors would create.

The Results

The content creation strategy became a reference-point for Distell brand ambassadors all over the world and empowered their global team to work together in raising the profile of each of the malt brands.

It was a great start to this year’s autumn whisky academy

Katrina Forsyth, Assistant Brand Manager at Distell
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