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Three events, two websites, thousands of ideas worth sharing. We look back at three years as Official Creative Partners of TEDxGlasgow.

The Story

Stephen Hawking, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Just some of the names famous for their entrepreneurial ways, knowledge, creativity and technical genius. Names that have graced the stage at TED events worldwide.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED then created a program called TEDx, and lucky for us, and for Scotland, TEDx came to Glasgow. As a creative agency, and in true MadeBrave® style, we became Official Creative Partners of TEDxGlasgow back in 2014 and have been working with the team ever since.

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  • 15

    Speakers in 2014

  • 360

    Attendees in 2014

  • 18

    Speakers in 2016

  • 1,200

    Attendees in 2016

A Disruptive World

‘A Disruptive World’ – 2016’s TEDxGlasgow theme was about radical change, throwing out the old and bringing in the new. Disruption creates massive waves in thinking, in industry and the economy and is the new cornerstone of innovation.

Inspired by these waves, we designed a visual style centred around “cause and effect”. Disruptive thinkers, innovation and global change can be represented by ripples in water or a soundwave becoming increasingly louder. A single initial action spreads and multiplies to develop and grow, becoming forever changed.

Speaking of change, in 2016 we also designed and developed a new, fully-responsive TEDxGlasgow website as TED grows to host its biggest event yet.

Over the years there have been more than 10,000 TEDx events, and TEDxGlasgow has been noted as having one of the best websites. The team at MadeBrave have really helped us to make TEDxGlasgow what it is today.

Gurjit Singh Lalli, TEDxGlasgow Curator

Why Not Here

‘Why Not Here?’ the TEDxGlasgow 2015 theme aimed to challenge barriers – why can’t Glasgow be the greatest city in the world? Why can’t we accomplish more greatness?

Inspired by the phrase ‘X Marks the Spot’ we created a maze-like visual style that could be used to create a number of shapes and icons for event material and online.

The Common Wealth

On the same year that The Commonwealth Games came to Glasgow (and our first year as Official Creative Partners) TEDxGlasgow 2014 was built on the theme of ‘The Common Wealth’ – how we can work together to help as many people as possible.

Inspired by ‘The Common Wealth’ and ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ we created a visual style that was applied to everything from illustration and design to website development, copywriting and social media.

TEDxGlasgow was one of the very first partnerships when MadeBrave started out and it’s something we look forward to every year.

Andrew Dobbie, Director of MadeBrave
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