For Wherever You Go

As a result of redefining their brand foundations, Vango asked us to come up with a creative campaign to promote this.

It became apparent upon reviewing the marketplace that most of the competitor brands choose to use ‘real life’ photography in their campaigns. Instantly we saw the opportunity for doing something stand out, something unique and different which is how we struck upon using illustrations to promote the brand and the various product categories.

The first step was to identify an illustrator, someone we could work with but someone who had their own distinct style that would complement the brand, and achieve the visuals we were aspiring to. We found Marcus Marritt and instantly felt his style would lend a unique look to our campaign.


After getting the various scenarios and initial art direction approved by the client, we worked closely with Marcus to build a vibrant set of illustrations based around the iconic Vango products and colour schemes. Deep purples, warming oranges and forest greens all coming together to create scenes that resonate with Vango’s core customers.

Once we had the illustrations back, we set about adding depth and shading to really bring out the key notes of colour and add that special finishing touch.The result was a range of hero images, all hand crafted, that were visually completely different to the marketplace to help Vango not only standout but to communicate their points of difference.

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