The brand of the great outdoors Vango celebrates 50 years as iconic industry leaders.

Counting down to celebrating their 50th anniversary in the summer of 2016, Vango approached MadeBrave to prepare and produce a bespoke promotional piece. The brief was to create a beautiful book that would reflect the quality and heritage of the Vango brand. It had to be elegant, well produced, engaging and something that would really evoke nostalgia among campers and adventurers everywhere. Our answer was a bespoke coffee table style book inspired by the original Force 10 – Vango’s first tent product.


Vango is a brand that boasts great heritage, dating back 50 years to 1966 when it was first established. Leaders of the camping industry, the brand offers a diverse range of high quality camping and outdoor equipment to a wide customer base who have a long-established relationship with Vango.

Designed to celebrate their rich commercial history, the book is filled with images, interviews, graphics and campaigns from the last 50 years – laid out in a timeline journey format taking the reader from the early days to the present days of Vango as they read through from beginning to end.


What makes this promotional piece stand out is its unusual, bespoke shape. Inspired by the original Force 10 – Vango’s first tent product, we created a coffee table style book in which the hardback cover could be folded to create the shape of the tent. Furthermore, the material used for the cover was chosen specifically to replicate the texture of the canvas tent – and of course it was produced with a classic orange cover, which Force 10 users everywhere will associate immediately with the tent.

The design won a Scottish Creative Award in the Corporate/Promotional Literature category in October 2015.

It was already a complete honour to do this book for such an iconic company like Vango, but to win an award for it too?! Needless to say, we’re a bunch of happy campers

Andrew Dobbie, MadeBrave®


To complement the 50th Anniversary book, we created a campaign concept that would run during 2016 across print and social. At the heart of the campaign is “Since 1966” which as a copy line shows that Vango is a strong and established brand, whilst looking forward to many more future successful years.

The concept of the main visual asks the audience to look out from a Vango tent into the past or the future. This shows that the Vango brand has been experience built throughout a long history. It is important to use an orange tent as the viewfinder as it is strongly associated with the Vango brand. The tent should be treated almost like a time machine. If the tent frame is from the present it should look out into the past or future. If the tent frame is from the past it should look out into the present or future.

The concept and visuals can easily be extended to a year-long “On This Day” social media campaign. This will help to engage the current and prospective Vango social media audience. Images of historical moments within the last 50 years will be seen through the tent, looking out onto history.

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