Okay but how?

It all starts with our ‘Relaunch Roadmap’. Our team of brand strategists will provide you and your marketing team with an initial strategic analysis report prior to a remote full-day strategy workshop where we develop innovative solutions for your business. We then develop a strategic plan for you and your team to help you relaunch your business.

What do I get?

Initial Strategic
Analysis Report

This strategic report includes a full assessment of how COVID-19 has impacted your sector. It also includes a detailed customer sentiment analysis to illustrate how COVID-19 has affected your customers. We then use insights from this data to inform scenario planning for your business.

  • Detailed assessment of your sector
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • Scenario planning

Full-Day Strategy

During this full-day workshop, our strategy team will help you identify opportunities and develop strategic objectives for a comprehensive relaunch strategy that can be integrated across your entire business.

  • Informed by your unique business objectives
  • Organisational and stakeholder buy-in
  • Strategy that pivots from your brand purpose

Post COVID-19 Relaunch

This comprehensive relaunch strategy includes everything you need to effectively relaunch your business, from campaign messaging to media, targeting, and customer journeys. This strategy is designed with flexibility in mind so that you can easily adapt and launch at a moment’s notice.

  • Bespoke for your business
  • Flexible, built for rapid deployment
  • Includes everything you need to relaunch your business
Person illustrating a strategy on a whiteboard

Who is this for?

CMOs, marketing directors, and business owners who have had to scale back their teams in recent weeks, but now need a post-COVID-19 strategy in place right now to help them relaunch their business.

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What if I need help rolling this out?

We’re glad you asked! From copywriting and photography to animations, illustrations, videos and more—we can do all, making sure everything is cropped and optimised for your website and your social channels. All you have to do is copy and paste. Easy peasey.

Our team of creative technologists, marketers, designers, and animators can do all the heavy lifting for you. Want to see how?

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