Brands are like people; each has its own unique personality, ambitions and ideas. Communicate yours clearly and consistently, and customers begin to see beyond price and product and connect with your business on a personal level. That’s the power of brand.

Brand Workshop & Research

No one knows your brand better than you do, which is why our branding process is built on collaboration with our clients. We start with a workshop, learning more about what you do, why you do it and who you want to reach. From there, we carry out research to gain an even deeper understanding of your brand, before we start bringing it to life.

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Brand Foundations

Our brand foundations process is what we use to build your brand from the bottom up—we help you create your brand ‘why’, your vision, your mission, your values and your brand architecture. This informs the behaviour, the creative and the promotion of your brand both internally and to the wider world.

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Brand Name

Just as people are identified by their names, so are brands. A brand name should be effective, memorable and unique, and that takes time and consideration to perfect. We work closely with you, looking at your business, your market and your customers to craft a name that truly represents your brand.

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Brand Personality

A brand is what humanises your business so that people can connect with it the way they would a friend. Your brand personality is what brings your brand to life—it influences all the other elements of your brand and communicates them in a way that’s true to your brand values.

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Tone of Voice & Messaging

Having a distinct tone of voice ensures that your brand is consistent across all communications, regardless of who is writing or speaking on its behalf. Referencing your brand personality, we develop tone of voice guidelines and create messaging that communicates what you want to say, in a way that’s true to how your brand speaks.

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Brand Logo

If your brand was a person, the logo would be its face – people use it to identify you and in most cases, use it as a basis for first impressions. Just like a brand name, a brand mark should be effective, memorable and unique, and we apply our creativity and passion for brand and design to ensure those first impressions become lasting ones.

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Visual Style

How your brand is visually communicated has huge impact on how people perceive it. From colour palette usage to visual devices, brand typography, photography treatments and iconography, we design a visual language that’s uniquely yours, making sure it says the right things about your business, without having to say a thing.

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Brand Toolkit & Guidelines

With the brand personality, tone of voice, messaging and visual style in mind, we create a bespoke brand toolkit for your business. This is essentially a guide for anyone working on your brand – internally or externally – developed to ensure there is consistency across the board.

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Brand Communication

Great brands are made to be communicated, so whether you’re looking to launch a brand website, build awareness through a multi-platform campaign or engage with your audiences on social media, our team of strategists and creatives are bursting with ideas to communicate your brand in a way that’s bigger, bolder and stronger.

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Employer Branding

When it comes to brand, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Whether you’re building a culture or looking to expand your team with the best talent out there, knowing how to communicate your employer brand is the first place to start.

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