Building a buzz at the Games

Aggreko had been named official Games partners for Glasgow 2014. So what better time to put some extra power behind their brand?

To celebrate landing this hefty and high-profile contract, Aggreko wanted to host an event for Games organisers and fellow partners. They asked for our help in creating some super-smart invitations. We happily obliged. But with so much buzz around the Games, we were still worried Aggreko’s event would get lost in the crowd.

No siree, not on our watch.

So we created something high-impact. Something that would even better align Aggreko with the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding Glasgow 2014. Something that would make them a talking point for months, and even years, to come.

We hired renowned Street Artist Rogue-One to spray paint one of Aggreko’s giant power generator containers with striking sporting images we’d designed. But that wasn’t all. We pulled out all the stops to help them make such an impression that their story made the pages The Guardian, The Herald, The Scotsman and The Wall Street Journal.

Not bad for a simple event invite, eh?

Maxing out the opportunity

We turned the spray painting process into a content-collecting exercise. This meant capturing everything on camera and turning it into a time-lapse video the brand could share around the world.

The video was screened at the Commonwealth Games event in spectacular style, shown on giant screens with epic music blaring from supersize speakers. As the screening ended, the shutters in Aggreko HQ went up, and the real-life 20ft container made its entrance.

The container is still used today, winging its way around the Aggreko world and telling the story of one of the company’s greatest achievements: powering Glasgow 2014.

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