A springboard to success

Airspace in East Kilbride offers visitors the chance to enjoy flicks, tricks, dunks and dodges on their 100 (yes, 100!!) interconnected tramps. We provided some profile-boosting support ahead of opening day, just to make absolutely sure the attraction took off.

Our aim was to elevate trampolining from amateur acrobatics to urban sport, and position it as an opportunity for the city’s most energetic individuals to show off their creative flair. And what better way than by featuring the spirit and skill of the lovely boys at Glasgow Parkour?

Several Air Space ads along the wall next to an escalator, showing a time-lapse of a man doing a somersault.

Advertising to the extreme

We captured our Parkour pros’ heart-stopping flips, springs and twists on camera to create a bank of exhilarating and inspiring content. This was rolled out over static and video displays across East Kilbride in the run-up to doors opening, getting everyone talking about trampolining.

Three men on trampolines
Three men on trampolines
Timelapse photograph of one man jumping over another on trampolines
Time-lapse photo of a man doing tricks along several trampolines

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