Bringing a meaty proposition to life

Okay, so ordering your meat online can initially seem a bit out-there. But when the idea is properly explained, it makes a whole heap of sense. Our job was simply to explain it.

No pressure then…

We’d previously worked with mail-order meat company, Athleat, on creating their logo. So when they asked us to put together a short ‘how it works’ animation for their RepBoxes, we knew they’d be up for creating something a little out of the ordinary.

We also knew that while their boxes are brilliant for Athletes, they also have the potential to be a big hit with everyone from flavour fanatics to body-is-a-temple types. Getting the tone of this ‘how to’ animation right for all their potential audiences would be tricky (but nothing our clever copywriters couldn’t handle).

We worked closely with the guys at Athleat to develop and plan a 90-second animation that was perfectly on-message and 100% on-brand.

Athleat’s marketing materials had previously been photography-led, so before we could get a single frame of animation underway, we needed to define an engaging illustrative style and bring it to life with a cool colour palette.

Fast-forward through storyboards, animatics, animations, voiceover castings, voiceover recordings and sound effects sessions (you really wouldn’t believe how many different kinds of car horn there are in the world!) and you get to a finished article that perfectly ‘meats’ the brief.

Athleat Logo
An illustrated athlete, pushing the athleat logo

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