How we created a brand fitting for one of the UK’s fastest growing companies

Bella & Duke is the market leader in raw dog and cat food. The brand had previously been centred around pet food, specifically for dogs. However, with their ambition to become a pet wellness brand, and their growing headcount and cat food sales, the brand was no longer fit for purpose.

Our challenge was to create a brand that was clear and compelling. One that could work for both cat and dog owners, guide decision-making for their growing team, and set them up to embark on a journey of becoming a ‘pet wellness’ brand that goes beyond healthy food for pets.

Bella & Duke logo in white over puppy fur


After significant audience and market research, the opportunity for the brand became clear. Pet ownership and spend had increased substantially since the pandemic, with over 50% considering themselves ‘pet parents’, not just owners. This was critical. When you view your pet as almost akin to a child, it begs the question ‘how can I justify anything other than the best?’

Strategy & Positioning

The answer lay in Bella & Duke’s no-compromise ethos of always doing what is best for pets. Unlike so much of the market, they’re genuinely committed to offering the best ingredients and support. No corners cut. So what if we could create a brand committed to helping owners do only the very best for their pets? Our ‘furry babies’ have always done right by us—it’s time we do the same for them.

graphic showing Bella & Duke Brand Architecture

Creative Solution

‘A life well loved’ was born. A simple, human, brand idea that informes every aspect of the work, its DNA runs through every touchpoint—from beautiful moments of human-pet connection in the photography to copy on the packaging, bringing a smile to the faces of pet parents everywhere. It even doubles as a sign-off.

Visual & Verbal Identity

Our team created an extensive visual style that includes an evolved logo and brand mark, a refined colour palette, photography themes, patterns, and illustrations. This was combined with extensive tone of voice and copy guidelines so their team have everything they need to execute the brand in any situation, and on any channel.

3d render of bella & duke packaging with orange background
a photo of a man with his dog walking down a sidewalk with bella & duke ads lining a wall which he's walking in front of

Brand Activation

As we’ve often said, an effective brand is built from the inside-out—and Bella & Duke is no exception. Prior to the launch, we rolled out the brand at their new head office, using wall wraps, signage, an indoor doggy trail, and even ‘park rules’ to guide collaboration on-site.

In the end, we delivered a single core brand idea that is well-understood internally and differentiates the brand in the market. We also helped the Bella & Duke team define their purpose and values which reflect and drive their internal culture.

photo of Bella & Duke's New Office with a wall Vinyl which says
several screenshots of pages from the bella & duke brand guidelines
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