How we created two completely new brands in 90 days

KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax, Insolvency and Advisory services. They have 207,000 professionals working together to deliver value in 153 countries and territories.

We were delighted to become their partner of choice for this particular project, with it ultimately touching every single department here at MadeBrave as we raced to deliver against the clock. This was a tight one!

The Brief

KPMG needed to sell off their global Insolvency practice — the division that deals with companies going through corporate restructuring and personal debt solutions. We were tasked to create two completely new global brands in 90 days for both their B2B and B2C functions.

The new brands had to be reflective of the scale of the new company—with over 500 staff transitioning from KPMG to the new brand—and provide reassurance and confidence from day one.

The target audiences included business leaders, CEOs, CFOs of medium to large companies and financial stakeholders including lenders, equity holders, and legal advisors who are involved in the daily work of failing or growing companies. Internally, the new brands also had to resonate with the transitioning employees to inspire confidence and reassurance.

multi-frame drone shot of beach and forest

Strategic work to inform both brands

We conducted initial strategic work to inform the later creative. This strategic work included competitor and market analysis, workshops, and stakeholder engagement. The brand needed to be built from the inside out, so workshops involved the partners, directors, and the wider team to ensure that everyone felt part of the brand creation process.

Brand naming, visual, and verbal identities

Due to timeframes of the sale, we had to name both brands upfront—prior to any creative work having been done! With a viable shortlist of names for each company, each legally checked for trademarks, two names were chosen. This then allowed us to progress through brand foundations, then visual and verbal identities for both new brands.

Interpath Design with photo of a dock on a lake and leaf
Cleanslate Design with man laying on a couch relaxing with his phone. Tagline says

Brand guidelines

For any brand, but especially for two new ones, guidelines are important. They help to keep the way the brand is represented consistent across every brand touch point or output. This consistency is critical for brand awareness, recognition and trust, and ultimately ensures the client can get the most from the brand.

Hero brand film & service films

To announce the launch of Interpath, the new B2B brand, we created a hero film. The film reflected the core brand ethos with its brand purpose, creating a compelling message for us to bring to life with an uplifting and evocative yet concise script and visuals.

Interpath & Cleanslate Brand Guidelines
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