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Iconic Scottish ice-cream maker, Equi’s, wanted a website that represented their utterly authentic approach to ice cream. And unlike when we were asked to choose between raspberry-ripple and toffee-fudge, we didn’t need asking twice!

If you’ve ever tried Equi’s ice cream, you’ll know that the quality of the product speaks for itself. Our job was to make this happen through a computer screen.

We set to work on some well-belanced wireframes and embarked on some serious digital design to create a site that tells the Equi’s story in the best possible way: visually. The success of the site depended on food photography that made mouths water – this was one photoshoot we couldn’t wait to get stuck into!

The website had so much wow-factor that the team at Equi’s instantly asked us what else we could do to extend their brand presence. We happily obliged with expert social media support and some delicious new designs for their delivery trucks.

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Equi’s Ice Cream

Product Photography

We’re always looking to maximise the impact of an idea, so we challenged ourselves to make every scrumptious set-up in our photoshoot work extra hard. We snapped each one from lots of different angles to get a range of pictures without having to reset – all before the ice cream turned to milkshake under our lights! Then came a teeny-tiny bit of retouching (just to make sure everything looked tip-top) and the effect was complete.

A close up shot of Equi’s Raspberry Ripple ice cream, with raspberry sauce, and chocolate drizzle
Home made chocolate brownies
Photographers on a set, taking pictures of Equi’s ice cream
Photographers sorting photos of Equi’s ice creams on an iMac

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