Interdimensional branding

Geekzonia is a multi-player world combining VR gamer technology and cloud simulation for content creators, video games, 360 videos, movie trailers and more.

They came to us to create a brand that would bring people together under one banner, positioning Geekzonia as the best platform for niche geek culture. We created a brand with flexibility to adapt to constantly changing and rapidly moving subcultures, giving them the tools to communicate everything from gaming’s biggest titles, to niche 360 branded content.

The hero portal

The Geekzonia Portal is the brand’s hero graphic. It can be applied independently for impact or within a layout to control the design. The Hero Graphic uses the GZ mark as a topical housing, representing a vehicle between reality and fantasy worlds.

The Geekzonia Portal can be applied with both zone content reflective of the worlds within Geekzonia and generated content for loose themes of specific events and unique content.

The GZ Crop

The GZ symbol can be used to find a range of abstract cuts and angles used to build out the visual style housing devices. Look for interesting crops with either curved crops, straight line crops or diagonals cutting across the page.

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