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When the brains behind Hiire came up with an app that would give people back control of their entire recruitment experience, they knew they were onto a winner. The only thing they were missing was a team to bring it to life.

As fans of anything that challenges the status quo, we were more than delighted to throw our app-design hats into the ring.

The team challenged us to make their outrageously intelligent algorithms seem super simple to use. We responded with a design that nestles perfectly in the sweet spot between simplicity and functionality. So while complicated calculations happen behind the scenes, all the end-user sees is a jobs feed that perfectly matches their profile and an application system that lets them send away their CV in just one click.

We kept things intuitive for employers too, creating a desktop interface that lets them define and review applicants in record time, so they can get back to focusing on their day job.

To help launch the app we temporarily took over the reins of Hiire’s social media. Over four weeks, we achieved a Facebook reach of 79,780 (averaging 2,825 per day) and 12,523 Twitter impressions: (averaging 447 per day), helping Hiire get seen by all the right people.

Hiire Logo
An iPhone being held, showing the splash-screen of the Hiire app
Wireframes of the Hiire app
Two screenshots of the Hiire app showing the profile screen, and the Application Centre
  • A man using a smartphone while drinking coffee
  • Various screens of the Hiire app, shown isometrically.
  • Screenshots of the Hiire app, showing interaction
Examples of Hiire social media content

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