A Brave new world

Here at MadeBrave, when we’re not designing great things for our clients, we can usually be found creating something kick-ass for ourselves. First came our Moleskine notebooks, then our KeepCups. And then all sorts of other bits and pieces we gave out to clients and colleagues as tokens of our appreciation.

Unexpectedly, this caused a bit of a frenzy. Requests for our products started popping up left, right and centre, and some (lots, in fact) came from people who’d never had any contact with our agency but just loved our designs. It was official: MadeBrave had bloomed into a product range in its own right.

Sadly, there was no way we could give away this many things for free, or it’d soon be ‘bye-bye MadeBrave’. But we definitely wanted to encourage this new influx of agency fandom. So when people started asking where they could buy our stuff, we had a flash of inspiration; we should open up our very own online store.

MadeBrave Originals Logo
A women, getting her hair done in preparation for a photoshoot
Photographers, taking photos of two models posing in MadeBrave branded clothing

Images that capture imaginations

Every product in our range celebrated our originality, creativity and fearlessness. To help us get it right on the money, we enlisted the help of some of the amazingly inspiring people we’d met on our journey so far; from street artists and MMA fighters to illustrators to racing drivers.

Our launch photoshoot featured some of these brave spirits, and we used all of our photography expertise to create shots that showed off our products and our stars’ inspirational mentality: born original, made brave.

MMA Fighter Robert Whiteford punching a wrecking ball. The phrase “Born Original, Made Brave” is written on a street sign.
MMA Fighter Stevie Ray, kicking a tree, which is collapsing.

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