How we helped create Nestlé’s most successful youth outreach campaign

It’s ten years since Nestlé launched Nestlé Needs YOUth, a program that gives millions of young people access to opportunities, training, and grants every year.

The work on the ground was there, but as a global corporation, the challenge was gaining the trust of young people who tend to see programs like this one as all talk, no action.

Nestlé asked us to help them overcome this.


To win over this notoriously sceptical audience, our strategy was to first build trust among young people by doing the one thing that stood a chance of working.

We decided to hand over control to Nestle Needs YOUth alumni on the ground who could champion the program by sharing their own stories and experiences.

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The Idea

With the pandemic making travel impossible, our ‘Power of YOUth’ campaign put faith in the young people who had benefited from the program and asked them to tell their own stories.

Our team would direct, coach, and coordinate to support them remotely to ensure a seamless process across various devices and locations across the world.

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The Creative

The campaign we delivered was a series of self-shot, inspirational stories that beat out all expectations.

And we did it all with no actors. No scripts. No film crew—just brilliant people with buckets of passion and ingenuity, capturing self-shot, inspirational stories with the support of our team.

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The Results

This campaign beat out our wildest expectations, reaching millions around the world and making this Nestlé Needs YOUth’s most successful campaign ever.

And, most importantly, overcoming the scepticism so often associated with Corporate Social Responsibility, demonstrating to young people the opportunities and real impact Nestlé Needs YOUth has already provided for millions just like them.

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