How we helped relaunch a newly transformed distillery for an iconic whisky brand

The Singleton is one of Scotland’s most iconic single malt brands. To help relaunch their transformed brand home, they came to us needing a creative spark – to bring their investment to life and attract the visitors they needed.

The challenge was to create a suite of smart and original social-first content that would make their new home stand out – not only as a beautiful distillery, but one of the most exciting visitor destinations in the Highlands.

Render of The Singleton Brand Home entrance

Strategy & Insight

Our research showed that post-pandemic the top travel trends were toward extravagant and maximalist experiences, but not at the expense of authenticity. Visitors want to experience a place to the max, but want it to be true to itself, distinctive and not generic.

In a region with countless distilleries, what set The Singleton in Glen Ord apart was a proud focus on its bar. This wasn’t a distillery with a nice bar – it felt like a world-class bar, with a distillery. It was the star of the show; where the world of single malt and The Singleton becomes accessible and where visitors can enjoy it the way they want to.

We needed to show travellers that the distillery was a destination of not just discovery, but enjoyment. Not just for whisky aficionados, for anyone that enjoys flavour, fun and connection. This led us to our proposition – Enjoyment, the Singleton way.

several people sitting down at a table sampling the singleton whisky and cocktails
six side-by-side screenshots of the singleton social media assets

The Idea

This territory and proposition was then picked up by our creative team and brought to life in a simple, vibrant and high-energy concept: ‘Let’s come together!’

An idea that pushes beyond the traditional dry and twee whisky visitor centre and instead heroes the distinctive bar and fun-focused experience. One which celebrates the joy of connection and diversity of flavour within the world of whisky. After all, enjoyment and good times are even better when shared.

The Creative

Taking its cues from fashion films, the content was aspirational yet welcoming, maximalist yet refined. A stylishly playful caper with an interactive focus. This is a frame-defying introduction to the world that is The Singleton.

The main deliverable was a hero film, which reflected the vibrancy of the Brand Home. We show each of the spaces as a curated answer to ‘The Singleton Way’. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s flavour focused. Far from the traditional promo film for a distillery.

This was then supported by cut-down teasers, made to create joyous anticipation of the brand home. Where we give visitors a taste of the unique Singleton quirkiness that awaits them. The next step will be social edits, which will run into the short and medium term of the launch.

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