How we helped a category leader inspire their audience

VELUX are the world leader in roof windows. They have a majority share in every market they operate in and are specified by the trade in most situations.

However, the route to market through the trade is complex – it involves architects, building merchants and installers – and at any time in this journey, the brand can be changed by any of them.

man standing at a window reading a book

The Brief

VELUX challenged us to draw a line between the brand and the homeowner—encouraging them to think VELUX-first when considering windows in home improvement. While research showed that brand awareness was high among homeowners, their levels of desire and consideration were flat at best, and even declining in some markets. 

Research also showed that there was a lack of clear association between wellbeing and daylight—even though this is a proven benefit. The task was to create a campaign that would change the desire and consideration levels and reverse their decline. 

man with glasses looking out a window

Strategy & Insights

Our top-line task was to make VELUX an object of desire—not just a functional answer to a functional problem— by helping audiences look beyond the product and make the connection between light, air, and their wellbeing.

The pandemic opened up an opportunity for VELUX, increasing the number of people working from home in rooms that could benefit from better light and more air. The challenge was that everyone thought their home working space was fine. We needed to inspire them to rethink this and consider how VELUX could make their home working space better, literally transforming their space.

Our strategy was to inspire people through imagination, to transform their working from home space from somewhere they have to work into somewhere they want to work.

woman playing with child as light comes in through sky light

The Idea

We created an integrated programme idea—an organising thought to guide everything— Work. Reimagined.

In this programme, we encouraged people to reimagine their workspace by inspiring them to consider how light can transform any space in their home.

We then worked with Dvein and Sauvage to create two brand films and cutdowns for use across television and social, combining live-action footage of various people working from home. We then used world-class illustration and animation to show how people’s imaginations can be brought to life by the light from a VELUX window.

Behind the Scenes

  • behind the scenes - camera gear on trolly
  • behind the scenes - child playing with toy
  • behind the scenes - man adjusting lighting
  • Room showing VELUX windows with light coming in
  • behind the scenes - Man working with cameras behind the scenes
  • behind the scenes - Man with headphone and mask working with cameras behind the scenes
  • behind the scenes - woman looking up at light
  • behind the scenes - woman blowing a kiss
  • behind the scenes - man working with camera
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