A pet project in branding

Viovet were one of the first online pet pharmacies, and customer feedback showed they were also one of the best. But they needed a brand that would keep them ahead of the many attempting to follow in their footsteps.

Viovet is special because it was founded by vets, which means it has a love of animals at its heart. There’s a vet on duty at all times, and they’ll always tell customers what they think is best – even if that means selling less stuff. In fact, their customers trust them so much, they phone up with all sorts of animal-related questions, not just ones relating to Viovet products.

With some market research behind us, we knew that Viovet were well known in their local area, but not so well-celebrated elsewhere. So we helped them create a brand that would make them feel right at home on a national stage.

Viovet Logo
Viovet brand evolution
Viovet sub-brands, including VioPet, VioHorse, and VioPoints

Paws for thought

Our modern twist on VioVet’s identity stylises the ‘paw’ illustration and uses messaging to spell out the company’s USPs. We also introduced a selection of sub-brands into the VioVet family to help the company break out of being seen as brand that’s purely for pets.

Viovet iconography, in their various brand colors
The Viovet brand mark used in as a framing device.
The Viovet branding guidelines document, showing typefaces
Viovet branding guidelines document, showing their mission and values
Viovet advert on a bus shelter
Viovet advert in a horsing magazine
Posters showing the Viovet branding
Product packaging for Joint Force by Viovet
VioPoints branding
Styling of VioPoints, shown alongside products in an advert
Various Viovet Facebook posts showing their new brand
A Viovet branded van, with illustrations of various animals

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