At MadeBrave, we make it our business to know the difference between cry-laughing at a good pun and crying because you’ve dropped your ice cream. So we can’t let World Emoji Day pass by without expressing our gratitude.

We don’t know about you, but at MadeBrave we can’t remember life before these colourful creations! We’ve come a long way from the days of 🙂 and >:@ – now we have a vast array of pixelated goodness (over 2800, on our last count) to express ourselves with. Are you a passionate dart player? There’s an emoji for that. Visiting the Statue of Liberty? There’s an emoji for that. Been spending your evenings practising your juggling game? You guessed it. Why spend time laboriously typing all that out when you can shave off precious time by selecting a funky emoji instead? They transcend language barriers by making communication simple, accessible and fun. In fact, we reckon that looking at a person’s most frequently used emojis is like looking through a window to their soul.

Say It With A Smiley…

Using the excellent witty, charming banter that we all love, the Internet Guys (we don’t know who they are) have chosen July 17th for World Emoji Day, which is the date on the calendar emoji. Clever! (Is your mind blown? There’s an emoji for that too!)

If you liked that one, here are some more awesome facts about those little pixels we all know and love:

  • The first emoji was created in 1999, in Japan.
  • The word literally means ‘picture character’ in Japanese.
  • In-keeping with the Japanese theme – the famous smiley poo emoji represents ‘good luck’ in Japan!
  • It can take up to two years for a new emoji to be developed!
  • The word ‘emoji’ was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2013.
  • The UK’s most frequently used emoji is the cry-laugh (can’t say we’re surprised!)
  • One of the least-used emojis is the ‘levitating man’ (did you even know that one existed?)
  • Words from Apple’s ‘Think Different’ advertising campaign features in the textbook emoji on iOS.
  • On Twitter, around 86% of emoji users are 24 and younger, and 57% are female.
  • The original emoji collection is owned by the Museum of Modern Art.

Emojis were originally designed to make emails and instant messages more personal, and we reckon they’ve definitely done their job and then some! These colourful, pixelated creations have taken over the world, with over 700 million used every day on Facebook alone. Who knew that a little yellow grin was the key to transcending language barriers and improving communication for us all? One thing’s for sure – they show no signs of stopping, and we are ready to fully embrace whatever wonderful madness the new releases bring!

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